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Build Your Team With Our Headhunting Agency
Stewart Search, Inc. helps you track down the perfect candidate for executive positions and management jobs in throughout the nation. Our headhunting agency conducts a thorough, detail-oriented, seven-step job search process for your organization.
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Step One: Job Request Development
The first step involves a personal meeting in your office to help our recruiting company understand your needs. Within a few short hours, we gather such highly detailed information as:
* Information About Your Company
* The Position Description
* Job Qualifications 
* Compensation Level
* Key Selling Points About the Position
Step Two: Research
Step Two: Research
During this step, we develop a comprehensive recruiting plan to identify which contractors employ the type of individuals that we seek and to define the proper approach needed to captivate the candidate's interest. Existing contacts are also analyzed as qualified referral sources.
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Step Three: Recruitment
During this process, we develop a sufficient cross-section of qualified talent for your consideration. This is the phase in which your consultant leans on their experience to build a pool of talented applicants, which can be hard when there are a limited number of potential candidates.
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Step Four: Analysis & Selection Process
By the end of this time-consuming and thorough process, we have verified all pertinent information and checked references. We also use our confidential referral sources to gather additional information and reference input.
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Step Five: Presentation & Client Interview
We develop a comprehensive portfolio with the resume, detailed references, and a qualifications statement for your firm. Prior to, and immediately after, each meeting, the candidate and the employer will be prepped and debriefed. This is an essential step in determining interest levels, potential challenges, and overall viability of each candidate.
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Step Six: Selection & Closing Phase
We gather necessary information, develop detailed closing plans, address potential concerns, and provide recommendations to help you select the most qualified candidate. A qualified consultant, with full cooperation from his client, will close an average of 96.2% on all offers.
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Step Seven: Resignation & Starting New Job Phase
This phase includes a properly written resignation letter and acceptance letter. After acceptance and prior to the actual start date, we maintain very close communications with the candidate to ensure that no loose ends have surfaced. After employment, we hold weekly discussions for the first month and bi-monthly thereafter to monitor and address any questions or confusion that may develop.
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