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We analyze your scope of needs and proactively attract the best available talent that your market will bear. We will always provide new candidates; we never present recycled applicants or reused resumes.

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Recruiting for executive and management jobs is truly an involved art form. Our headhunting agency handles the entire process from the first call to acceptance with individualized attention to provide the best of services.

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About Us
Stewart Search, Inc. is an executive search firm serving companies nationwide in Real Estate, Construction, Property Management, Student Housing, Self Storage, Supply Chain Management and MMJ. Our recruiters have more than two decades of experience, through which we've cultivated contacts over many successful searches. We pursue talent from your competitors.

Our current staff of partners and associates has personally recruited more than 2,300 key employees for developers, property managers, investors, builders, and multi-family companies nationwide. No other search organization's current staff can match that level of attainment.

Stewart Search, Inc. has been in business for more than 20 years. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and West Palm Beach, FL our recruiting agency has more than 2 decades of experience connecting extraordinary talent and employers nationwide. We are building long-term relationships by successfully delivering candidates that are the cream of the crop.

A relationship-oriented organization, Stewart Search, Inc. offers the service, attention, and follow through that you truly deserve. As national recruitment consultants, your success is our primary interest. We would consider it a privilege to start a relationship and find the right candidates for your organization.

Stewart Search Inc. Is a Member Of Society for Human Resource Management® (SHRM)


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